UPDATE: Attacks reported in Israel

Israel is saying that it will be taking retaliatory measures against Hamas and Hezbollah. The release issued by the country that sent 100 fighter jets to drop bombs on nuclear sites in Islamic Iran said it will stand by the Jewish people and not stand for terrorist aggression against the homeland.
Islamic believers in potential harms way from the bombs of the Zionists should be advised to take cover.

Gulf News Reporters are saying that multiple attacks are occurring in Israel. Both Hamas and Hezbollah are being credited with the attacks.

The attacks are occurring on all sorts of targets. Hezbollah is concentrating their attacks on infrastructure in Haifa, while Hamas is attacking both Ashdod and the Jewish settlements in Jerusalem.


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High levels of radiation observed in Iraq and Iran

The International News Network is reporting that the United Nations and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) have sent officials to the Ukraine, Iraq and Iran to observe radiation levels.

The INN has said that Ukraine reported dangerously high radiation levels within its country. Iran and Iraq are both experiencing high levels of radiation that are rising as well.

The radiation levels are a result of the bombing of nuclear sites in Iran by Israel forces earlier today.

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Grand Ayatollah of Iraq issues statement to nation

The Grand Ayatollah of Iraq, Ali al-Sistani has released a press statement to the nation. Al-Sistani is the highest-ranking Shi’a cleric in Iraq.

“All faithful Muslims stand with the Iranian people in condemning the attacks against military and civilian targets in Iran,” al-Sistani said.

However, al-Sistani urged the Iraqi people to keep the peace that is necessary for the upcoming elections.

In a report earlier, the U.S. said that it thought Shi’a groups were responsible for the attacks U.S. troops in four places in Iraq.

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UPDATE: Al-Quaeda claims terrorist attack in Medina

The Press Secretary of Saudi Arabia has issued a statement in response to the Al-Qaeda group claiming the earlier attack on Medina.

The press secretary denied all claims by the Al-Qaeda group and reiterated the statement of the Sunni Clerics that terrorist attacks are un-Islamic.

An Al-Qaeda group from the Gulf has claimed the recent attacks in Medina. The group says the attacks were conducted in retaliation to the Saudi government.

The Al-Qaeda group said that the Saudi government was “supportive of Zionism” and “unwilling to protect their Muslim brothers.”

It is still unclear as to the exact origin of the attic, but investigations are under way by various groups.

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U.S. Troops attacked in Iraq

Attacks have been reported on American forces in Iraq. Both U.S. officials and Iraqi officials have confirmed these reports.

Four synchronized attacks occurred and were focused on the U.S. military. No civilian casualties have been reported Iraqi officials say.

The attacks are believed to be an act of Shia militias operating within the country.

In a press release by the U.S. officials said, “The United States of America has no interest in escalating the conflict, but will do anything necessary to defend our forces in Iraq and throughout the Middle East.”

Iraqi officials have said they are involved in diplomatic negotiations and working towards a peaceful solution.

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Israeli government issues statement to people of Israel

Israeli Government Statement on Protests in Israel

Israeli Government Statement on Protests in Israel

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Israeli People

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