Israel Defeated

February 27, 2010 at 2:02 pm Leave a comment

Israel says one of its aircraft has been shot down by the United States.
Earlier, the UN admonished all parties that any breach of the status quo would be very detrimental to not only finding a peaceful solution, but also to the status of the IAEA personnel deployed to Iran to help those harmed by radiation from earlier attacks. The UN Secretariat said it would condemn any offensive military action taken by either side.
It cannot be confirmed, but apparently Israel launched another raid on Iraq, was fired on when it violated air space and retreated.

“The Zionist beasts attempted to face the Islamic Republic of Iran and blinked. Attack aircraft of that illegal regime invaded Iraqi airspace, with the clear permission of the American occupiers, and considered sealing their own doom by attempting to invade. The Zionist Regime cowards limped back into their dens, to lick their wounds. Soon their world shall fall around them,”said Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran National Security Council Saeed Jalili:

“The Islamic Republic would like to reemphasize that it desires the peace and security of the region and is magnanimously willing to discuss confidence-building measures that would make clear the Islamic Republic of Iran is the undisputed leader in guaranteeing that the region can continue its peaceful and Islamic ways, despite the illegal aggression of the Zionist Regime.”


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Anonymous sorce says another Israeli attack planned

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