Israel Defeated

Israel says one of its aircraft has been shot down by the United States.
Earlier, the UN admonished all parties that any breach of the status quo would be very detrimental to not only finding a peaceful solution, but also to the status of the IAEA personnel deployed to Iran to help those harmed by radiation from earlier attacks. The UN Secretariat said it would condemn any offensive military action taken by either side.
It cannot be confirmed, but apparently Israel launched another raid on Iraq, was fired on when it violated air space and retreated.

“The Zionist beasts attempted to face the Islamic Republic of Iran and blinked. Attack aircraft of that illegal regime invaded Iraqi airspace, with the clear permission of the American occupiers, and considered sealing their own doom by attempting to invade. The Zionist Regime cowards limped back into their dens, to lick their wounds. Soon their world shall fall around them,”said Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran National Security Council Saeed Jalili:

“The Islamic Republic would like to reemphasize that it desires the peace and security of the region and is magnanimously willing to discuss confidence-building measures that would make clear the Islamic Republic of Iran is the undisputed leader in guaranteeing that the region can continue its peaceful and Islamic ways, despite the illegal aggression of the Zionist Regime.”


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Anonymous sorce says another Israeli attack planned

Gulf News reporters have received an anonymous tip from a Middle Eastern diplomat stationed in Baghdad saying Israel was in the process of launching another 100 plane attack against Iran.

The diplomat would not give his name, but said he was a Middle Easter Diplomat stationed in Baghdad attempting to work through the negotiation process.

He reported that his delegation was warned by the Iraqi Government to see shelter because of a pending air strike.

When asked at a press conference, Israeli officials replied, “no comment” and the US reiterated the fact that they will shoot down anyone who violates the no-fly zone over Iraq.

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Israeli prime minister has issued a formal apology for “the concerns we have caused our neighbors and allies and the entire world about raised levels of radiation. “

Netanyahu also said they are supporting a full measure of experiments to see what can be done to prevent further spread.

This apology came in response to Iran’s claim that Israel did not raise international alarm when their attacks on Iranian nuclear sites caused raised levels of radiation in various countries.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued an apology for the raised levels of nuclear radiation resulting from the attacks that occurred on Friday

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Zionists irresponsible!

Iran has released a statement saying Israel did not raise alarm to the nuclear leaks created when they bombed multiple Iranian nuclear sites.

“Iran would like to acknowledge that Israel did not raise international alarm around the world to radiations spread by their attack on our peaceful nuclear program,” the statement said.

It also said that the world was not informed by Israel, but by the countries affected, and Iranian officials are saying Israel should apologize and claim full responsibility.

Israeli officials were contacted for comments, but none were received before deadline.

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Russia announces a halt of all weapon sales to Iran

In a recent press release from Russia, officials from the nation’s foreign ministry have said they will halt all weapon sales to Iran.

In the press release Russia said, “Russia has sold Iran hundreds of major weapons systems.” However, since a ceasefire between the nations of Iran and Israel could not be reached, nor the release of an Israeli fighter pilot by Iran, Russia has declared the halt of weapon sales.

Russian President Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev said, “This step is regrettable, however, we must show Iran that we have a serious interest in countries engaging the world; no purpose is served by isolation.”

Since 1992, Russia has sold Iran hundreds of major weapons systems, including twenty T-72 tanks, ninety-four air-to-air missiles, and a handful of combat aircraft like the MiG-29. Late last year, Russia agreed to sell Iran a $700 million surface-to-air missile defense system (SA-15 Gauntlet) along with thirty TOR M-1 air-defense missile
systems, ostensibly to defend its soon-to-be-complete, Russian-built nuclear reactor at Bushehr. Moscow also plans to upgrade Tehran’s Su-24, MiG-29 aircraft, and T-72 battle tanks. Iran has shown interest in S-300 anti-aircraft missiles from Russia and Belarus, which can intercept enemy aircraft ninety to 180 miles away. Michael Eisenstadt,
director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s Military and Security Studies Program, says Iran is building up its naval presence. In April 2006, the Iranians claimed to have tested a high-speed torpedo—similar to the Russian-made VA-111 Shkval—capable of destroying large warships or submarines. Iran already fields China’s Silkworm anti-shipping missile and an array of mine

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At 3:34 AM in Chile an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck the nation of Chile. Within hours the U.N. issued a statement saying, “We call for the international community to support the UN in taking coordinated action and urgently respond with humanitarian assistance.”

Where is this assistance to the nation of Iran? Around noon on Friday, Israeli fighter jets attacked multiple nuclear sites across the country. Spurned from that attack, violence has broken out in Israel and Saudi Arabia, while further violence is predicted for Yemen.

Yet no aid has been offered for any of these situations, from anywhere. In Chile, no deaths have been reported as of yet, however there are reports coming in of thousands and thousands of deaths in the nation of Iran alone.

Where is the help for the Middle East, or do the UN officials regard us as one would a servant who takes care of the camel?

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Violence also predicted in Yemen

Reuters is reporting that Yemen has declared a state of emergency in the southern city of Dalea.

On Thursday, separatists killed a policeman during an ambush in a nearby province, Reuter’s said, bringing the number of people killed in attacks on southern security men to four in the past week.

The state of emergency is to “guard against acts of violence that outlaws are intent on carrying out in the city,” Reuters said.

In addition to conflict with separatists, Yemen is also facing a northern Shi’ite insurgency and a resurgent al Qaeda, which has already carried out attacks on the holy city of Medina.

In light of the recent attacks in Israel from both Hezbollah and Hamas, violence is now being predicted for Yemen as well.

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